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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your Risk Heat Map / Risk Matrix Solution only beneficial for ERM?

No. Risk Heat Mapping / Risk Matrix efforts are beneficial even when analysis is limited to a subset of risks. This is particularly the case with our Heat Map solution because we designed the product to have very flexible display options, specifically considering scenarios where only property-casualty, supply chain, fraud, etc. risks are analyzed.

What do I need to run the Visualize Risk™ Solutions?

Individual users merely need Internet Explorer 8 or later and Microsoft Silverlight 5 (which is free from Microsoft and usually automatically installed with Windows Updates). On the server side, you must have SharePoint® on-premises (2010, 2013 or 2016). If your company is running SharePoint® 2007, our solution is not right for you.


To install the solution, you must have Site-Collection Administration Rights. Note that Server-Level rights are not required. This should set your IT department at ease. Our solution is developed to utilize SharePoint’s unique “sandbox” feature, which essentially means that the software cannot use certain computer and network resources, and cannot access content outside the site collection they are deployed in. To run sandbox, your SharePoint version must have User Code Service enabled. This is generally enabled by default.


Please refer to this Microsoft article for details regarding the security enhancements associated the Sandbox execution model:

What version of SharePoint® is required?

Our Solutions are compatible with:

  • - SharePoint 2010 Foundation*, Standard, or Enterprise
  • - SharePoint 2013 Foundation*, Standard, or Enterprise
  • - SharePoint 2016 Standard or Enterprise
  • *Foundation versions are offered as free downloads from Microsoft.

    At this time SharePoint Online/Office 365 is not supported.

    What browsers are supported?

    Internet Explorer 8 or above.

    What do you mean about you never having access to my data?

    We never see the contents of your risk register. The visualization components are delivered through web services so that we can seamlessly provide updates and fixes, but the data that passes to our servers is limited to what we require to validate your license and deliver the display.

    Can I customize the Risk Register?

    Yes. You can easily customize the Risk Register dropdown fields. Other modifications are possible with a little bit of SharePoint know-how. Please be sure to register on our site using the Register link at the top of this page. Registered users will be able to access short articles that provide instructions on how you can make other modifications, as well as create and link other of your lists within SharePoint.

    What product support is provided?

    We will provide up to 1 hour of phone support as you install the software component and initially configure it. It usually takes less than half an hour. We also respond to emails to within 24 hours.